4 types of leadership styles

4 types of leadership styles laptop-493668-s

I have found over the years that leadership is learned, not something you are born with. There are 4 types of leadership styles that are learned from experience you gain from working in group settings. One trait I found from talking to many leaders throughout the years is that leaders are ongoing learners, they never stop learning, reading and seeking out  as much information as they possible can. You will find that most leaders keep a file with inspirational leadership quotes that they review daily or weekly.

Leadership is learned 

The 4 types of leadership styles I have seen are:

1. Setting the example

2. Enlisting the help of others

3. Experiment and taking risks

4. Putting others first, mentoring for self improvement

Setting the example

Most leaders I have had the pleasure of working with either have these four styles or a least two of them. Leaders set an example for the people they lead, they do not just tell people what to do, they actually show them, support them and then practice what they preach on a daily basis. The best leaders are those who teach with the desire to educate those around them to make them the best possible person they can be. Leaders are not the ones looking for the credit for everything, in fact they enjoy letting others get the credit. I once read a quote by Zig Ziglar that sums this all up: “Help enough other people get what they want in life and you will get what you want in life.” 

Enlisting the help of others business-man

Great leaders know that nothing in this world can be accomplished without the help of others. No matter what your looking to achieve in life it will take the help of others or at least one person along the way. Make friends, reach out of your confront zone and speak with those you really don’t know. Opportunity in life can come from the least expected place, if you pass by with out speaking to others those opportunities will stay hidden for ever.

Experiment and take risks

Remember its about opportunities and trying things out of your comfort zone you must be a risk taker, someone who is not afraid to fail. Failure is just a learning experience and you must view it that way. The highly successful leaders are the ones that use failure to fuel there achievement. If you never try, you will never learn.

Putting others first, mentoring for self improvement

The great leaders are always looking to help others first, their overall goal is helping to improve the people around them. All leaders strive to make everyone they come in contact with better then they were before they met. Successful leaders know they cannot do it alone, they reach out to others, try to improve them and seek out others who have different skills sets then theirs. A great leader doesn’t have to do everything by themselves, they surround themselves with others that are strong at the things the leaders are not.

Leaders develop habits

All leaders develop daily habits that include those 4 types of leadership styles. Its in those daily habits that leaders find there success, without daily habits you will just be floating through life without making any progress. One the best books I have ever read is one of the most inspiring and impactful books ever written, ​The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen Covey has captivated readers for 25 years. It has transformed the lives of Presidents and CEOs, educators and parents— in short, millions of people of all ages and occupations

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Does success mean you? What is the true meaning of Success?

Does success mean you?  What is the true meaning of Success? couple

Does success mean you? What does success mean to you? I have heard many definitions of success over the years, and most relate to some form of status; be it financial, employment title, and political position or by the possessions one owns.  Although I guess you could say by reaching some of these heights it’s a form of success, but to me the really meaning of success is your happiness. You can have all the money, power and possessions in the world but that doesn’t relate to happiness. I have found that the true meaning of success is you are happy with what you have in life.

So does success mean me?

Many of us spend our entire life’s chasing more money, more power, more status and never really stop to enjoy the little things in this world that truly make us happy. Unfortunately sometimes it takes a tragedy, or the loss of someone, something, your job, business or your possessions to truly focus on what’s important to you in life. It’s what’s important to you in your life that is really your happiness and your success in this world.

My definition of success.

My definition of success is to find what makes you tick, your passion, what would you get up every morning and do for free? When you find it, make it your life’s work, your mission in this world. I can guarantee you that once that passion is found and everything you do is to reach that passion, you will never be totally unhappy again. Yes you will have set-backs, tragedy and untimely circumstances still in your life, but when you reflect on those situations you will find that your passion, your drive will lead you out of those dark places.

Find you true Passion.   passion

I spent many years in the business world, and political arena chasing that thing called success, power, financial status, but I kept coming back to coaching and teaching others. I found that was my true passion in life helping others achieve that thing called success (happiness). I can truly tell you that I get up each day with a sense of fulfillment, knowing that I’m doing exactly what I want; by making a difference in the life of others.

Make a change.

You will need to change your thought process, to reach this place in your life, I’m not going to tell you it’s easy, there will be great challenges, lack of money, lack of support from peers and the great perception in this world that your crazy for giving up everything you have to chase some crazy dream. It’s your dream, so I’m telling you it’s not crazy and it doesn’t matter what others think, we are talking about your happiness (success).

“A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” 

Remember this “A vision without a strategy remains an illusion.” Your strategy needs to be:

  1. Find your passion
  2. Build relationships in your new arena
  3. Listen to others who have experience in this arena
  4. Learn everything you can about your passion
  5. Look for opportunities.

“MOVE FORWARD” It’s your passion and the world is waiting for you – start chasing that success today!

 Creating Opportunities for others to reach their potential and achieve success.

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Financial goal setting tips – Write it down

Goal SettingFinancial goal setting tips – Write it down

The biggest secret to achieving any goal whether its financial or personal is to write it down. If you don’t commit your goals to paper they are just dreams. Without a written plan of action a goal just becomes a dream, one you keep in your mind but never really act on it.

I have found and taught for years that achieving goals is a three step financial goal setting tip process:

  1. Define it

  2. Write it down (Date It)

  3. Problem Solve it

Let walk through the process of achieving a goal, your first must define the goal, if its financial; lets says to buy a new TV. The second step is to write-it-down and commit to a completion date, in this case we will say 60 days from today. So we have define the goal, written it down and put a completion date on it, now we must solve the problem by creating the action steps needed to complete the goal.

Action Steps:

  1. Cost of TV $350.
  2. $350 divide by 8 weeks = $43.75 a week
  3. Save $43.75 each week from our paycheck.
  4. Purchase TV in 60 days.

Its that simple no matter the size or the difficulty of a problem (goal) you need to break it down into simple action steps (tasks) schedule something each day towards a tasks and before you know it the goal is complete.


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10 Steps to achievement of your lifetime mission

10 Steps to achievement of your lifetime mission

“Move Forward” – “Press-on” – find your inner peace – one day at a time.         

After many years of chasing dreams, aspirations and many goals I have found that the true success in life is to find your inner peace, having a life mission that is focused on your passion. I’m a big believer in moving forward each day, let yesterday go, you did your best and it’s now history, a day you cannot change. If you have a life mission, then you have written goals and a blueprint for were your heading, so tomorrow should somewhat already be decided, that leaves today. No matter where you’re at in life, what you have done, what your striving to do, today is the most important day, it all starts today. You either already have a master plan for your life or you have dreams that you wish for your life, whatever they may be, you need to begin the process today to make them happen in your lifetime.

success-succeed-business-money-sign-1091624-sSuccess is not something that happens overnight, there are certain steps to success that you need to have, let’s call them steps to achievement of your lifetime mission. Now let me dismiss those thoughts starting to creep into your mind: yes you can do it, no you’re not too old, to broke, don’t have the education, experience or knowledge to make it happen. All of those are excuses the easy way out, yes to reach a lifetime mission (dream) its takes sacrifice, a change in your present thinking and the resilience to persevere when everything seems to be against you. The problem with most people is they give up on their mission way too early in life as soon as some difficulty enters the picture they quit and reason it out by saying it wasn’t meant to be. Well I’m here to tell you it was meant to be! Remember they call it a lifetime mission, a passion, a burning desire. Yes you may have set-backs, but the mission never changes, it’s your lifework, your big dreams, it’s what you get up every morning wishing you could do. There will be detours, road blocks and many reasons to quit, it’s at that time that you must “MOVE FORWARD” – “PRESS-ON”. No one ever said it will be easy, but I promise you if you press on and never lose sight of the big picture you will begin to knock down some of those obstacles and yes it may take a long time to happen, but that’s why it’s called a lifetime mission.

“The future doesn’t lie ahead of you waiting to happen, it lies deep inside you, waiting to be discovered.” (Author unknown) Forget those “should haves”, “might haves”, and “could haves”, it’s never too late to begin – it all starts with today. You must start by changing your thinking, changing what you do daily. “You will never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.” (John C. Maxwell)

Steps-to success10 Steps to achievement of your lifetime mission

  1. Find your life mission (passion)
  2. Write it down (tell your own story)
  3. List the steps or things you need to accomplish to achieve your mission
  4. Break those steps into smaller goals (time frames)
  5. Begin with the first step and never quit until you reach the last step
  6. Begin to learn all you can about your passion, learning is a lifetime journey that never ends.
  7. Believe in your lifework, it’s your dream, what others think doesn’t matter
  8. When things get difficult – move forward-press on- never quit, in time you will find a way
  9. Don’t take no for an answer, it’s your dream you can make it work
  10. Enjoy the journey, it’s not a job, it’s your passion, it’s your lifetime work

Learn to enjoy the process, remember it’s a lifetime mission and may take a lifetime to achieve, so don’t let the ups and downs, setbacks stop you, learn to “move forward” no matter how bad it gets, you may need to change course a little or rebuild as you go along, but it’s the end game that you can never lose sight of. It’s your dream and only you can stop the progression towards fulfillment. When you say it’s too late, I missed my opportunity, I’m here to tell you, it’s never too late to accomplish what’s important to you – find your inner peace.

“We find in life exactly what we put into it.” (Emerson)

“Go as far as you can see, when you get there you will be able to see farther” (Zig Ziglar)

“Move Forward” – “Press-on” – find your inner peace – one day at a time.

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